07 Oct

5 Tips for Planning Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

5 Tips for Planning Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

One of the best ways to upgrade, beautify, and increase your home value is to remodel the bathroom. However, it is easy to get frustrated, stuck mid project, or even run out of money set aside for the remodel if you don’t plan ahead.

Here are 5 tips to make sure your dream remodel does not turn into a bathroom nightmare.

Plan, and Stick to It

Before you begin, you should take the time to create a plan for exactly what you want the end result to look like in your new bathroom.

Research home improvement ideas, and know what style, fixtures, and designs you want. And know what they all will cost. Doing this extra step before you start will also help you understand what things you can save money on by doing yourself, and where you’ll need the help of a professional contractor.

If you don’t know what you’re seeking to accomplish, you’ll end up spending more time and money on the project than you intended. Make a plan, and stick to it.

Know the Lay of the Land

By understanding where things such as the plumbing pipes feed into your bathroom as it is currently, you can do your best to plan your new bathroom layout in a way that will not require new construction or demolition of anything standing already.

Design with Light in Mind

There’s much to think about when redoing the bathroom in your home, and as you’re figuring out which fixtures and features to change, implement, or resurface-keep light in mind. You’ll want to select fixtures that work well in the design, as well as bulbs that are well suited for your grooming needs.

Don’t Forget to Vent

As you’re planning out all the beautiful features of your new bathroom, don’t forget about ventilation. The bathroom is a place in the home that generates a lot of heat and moisture, so it’s important that air can circulate to keep things dry, cool, sanitary, and safe.

Consider Storage Needs

With all the necessities that reside in the bathroom such as the sink, bathtub, and toilet it’s easy to forget about storage. Be sure to think about how much space you’ll need to store towels, toiletries and other items and bring in cabinet space to accommodate your life and needs.

It might not seem like there’s enough space in the bathroom to include storage, but think in terms of cabinets and shelfs that take storage vertical. Having shelving that is moveable is also desirable so you can place it exactly where you need it, and it fits best without having to actually build it as a permanent feature of the room.

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to stink. By planning ahead using these tips, you can be sure to finish up your project with beautiful results, and minimize frustration, delays, and lost time and money.

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