21 Oct

Should I stay or Move During the House Remodel?

Should I Stay or Move During the House Remodeling?

Living in a RenovationDuring major or minor home remodeling homeowners are usually uncertain whether to stay through the renovation construction or to gather their belongings and move out until the job is done. Well, the decision will be based on a few factors such the level of remodeling and other factors as outlined below:


Renting a place for a while will cost money, however staying during the construction could cost money as well especially when you come in the way of the construction work. If you decide to stay, certain contractors will charge extra to keep the house habitable by cleaning up and hurrying construction so as not to interfere with electricity and water supply. As well as putting up with your constant interruptions of ongoing construction.

Project Nature

The decision whether to stay or not may be determined by the nature of the project. If you are bringing down your roof to construct second floor then it would be best you move out. Other renovations that affect plumbing or electricity such as air conditioning or home insulation may require that you move out for a while.

Project Scope

Construction work that affects important sections of your house such as kitchen and bathrooms will make it difficult for you to stay. Your family could face a difficult time doing without a bathroom for instance. Stay in one room with your family will not be conducive.

Safety of your Pets

Having pets around during construction is not safe and it is therefore recommended to move your pets out until the renovations are completed. The noise from the construction can be disturbing for pets even when they are isolated from the construction area. Most contractors will not be liable for the safety of your pets.


The ongoing construction work will captivate children who will constantly engage construction workers to satisfy their curiosity. Babies will need their nap and will all the noise from the construction you will be forced to rent a place for the period of the construction.

Food Preparation

If you decide during your kitchen remodeling then you can get by with a makeshift kitchen. If you can still get electricity and water supply then you cook your food and freeze it for later. Can use other things like your microwave and toaster. However, this is possible only if the construction is going to take a short while. Eating frozen food for months can be challenging.

Some renovations require that you vacate the house for a while. Floor refinishing, for instance, will require that you leave for a few days to allow the fumes to clear away. If you plan to undertake a major remodel then get in touch with a local removals company to move your stuff to a rental for a while and bring them back when the construction is complete.

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