29 Oct

Installing Wood Floors

All about installing Wood Floors

Wood floors have an amazing look and feel that we all love. If you are making plans to install new wood floors or looking for information on how to maintain and care for wood floors then you have landed on the right page. We will find out the different kinds of wood flooring available today, provide a complete guide on how to install wood floors, and lastly care and maintenance of wood floors for longevity.

No other flooring option compares to the natural warmth that wood offers. Wood floors come in different varieties from the bright and modern appearance of maple and birch to the deep rich tones of walnut and oak. Wood floors are the most preferred flooring option for most homeowners because of their exceptional quality of wood.

There are a variety of wood species that are used for flooring and they have their own upsides and downsides. You will find a wide range of wood flooring applications for almost each and every room of the house.

What should I consider when buying wood flooring?

When it comes to selecting which wood flooring to buy you need to enlighten yourself on the characteristics of several wood species and their suitability for each function. For instance, the most informed selection for a living room with dense traffic will be varied from that for a seldom used room for guests. On the other hand, if your decision on wood flooring is influenced by environmental conservation needs then you should consider options such as reclaimed wood flooring. Bamboo flooring etc.

Wood Floor Repair

Depending on the level of foot traffic, a wood floor is prone to damage from scratches, dents to gouges due to the nature of wood. Less serious surface damage can be handled using gentle sanding and re-applying of finish. However, more severe damage may demand replacement of floor segments.

Simple periodic vacuum cleaning and wet mopping is essential when caring for wood floors and is not laborious at all. Based on the wood you select, find out from your dealer concerning the correct finish, the right time to reapply it and its most suitable cleaning agents. Find out more on how to repair squeaky floors.

Wood Floor Installation

Installing wood floors requires some level of skills especially if you intend to do it yourself. Apart from moderate skills it is critical to prepare and pay much attention to the details. If you want to make wood floor installation a DIY task then you will first have to consider the kind of subflooring it is going to have. There are two kinds of subfloors the concrete slab and a wood-framed subfloor. The method of installation is different for both of them.

The following thing to consider is the wood flooring. Before wood flooring is installed it must acclimatize to the condition of the room in-terms of humidity and temperature. Therefore after unwrapping the wood floors allow them to rest in the room for a few days. This will prevent buckling, twisting, warping along the way and therefore the wood must get ample time.

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