21 Dec

Transforming your Living Room

You can decide to transform you living room into your dream living room by professionally remodeling the living space to be unique and have a relaxing ambiance. Regardless of limited space you can redesign your living to appear larger through furniture arrangement and windows to create the impression of a spacious room. Your living room can be magically transformed through expert interior design.

  • Using Color to Set Mood

The feeling guests will have in your living room will be largely determined by the colors you select. The warmth of coolness of the living room will depend on the energizing or relaxing effect that colors have on your space.

A calm and cool living room, for instance, would need a tranquil set of white and blue colors which is perfect for meeting family and guests. You can balance the cool tones using a nice light brownish carpet to warm the living room space.

  • Wise Utilization of Space

You should find an expert interior designer to customize the living room layout based on the specific room dimensions and stuff. This will make your living room stand out from the rest and be more spacious and functional. Your living room space should be inspiring and should blend with your taste and personality.

  • Don’t go too big!

For some, living room redesign and transformation means going big. However, this should not always be the case because even small accessories like shelves, cabinets, tables and other furniture complement the larger pieces well without overdoing the design.

  • Comfortable and Trendy Flooring

The living room being a public space should not only have comfortable but also stylish flooring that speaks about the design. If you would prefer to focus the more attention in the living room on art and furniture then you could opt for a completely neutral flooring which is less bold. The most popular and stylish living room flooring option is hardwood floor decorated with area rugs. The other living flooring options to consider include carpets and, stone and ceramic tiles.

  • Living room Accessorizing

The ideal place to display your art and collections is the living room. Accessories breathe life into the living room, therefore, ensure you hang your items low at standing eye level and group them to have maximum impact. Hanging pictures too high away from the architecture, is a common interior design error. The items should also relate with the furnishings.

The perfect living renovation will only be achieved if you hire the most innovative and professional interior designer who fully understands your requirement and will make the best out of your budget to give your living room a refreshing redesign. Your living room speaks volumes about your personality to the rest of the world.



11 Dec

Selecting a green cleaning product

Green CleaningThe process of settling for a particular product is not a complex issue that requires any special expertise. You only need to pay attention to the following tips and you get yourself a better and safer cleaning product.

  • Don’t be dazzled

The first thing that you need to do is to put on hold all emotional and sensational reactions. This means that you need to guard against cheap impulsive hooks that are set by clever marketers. Some of those dazzling hooks come in form of “great” looks that are meant to entice you into buying a bogus product hence beware of looks because some of the are clever hooks. Another trap that you need to avoid is the “big talk” that comes with all forms of tantalizing promises and “miracle results”. Make sure that you buy with your mind and if you have to feel something, then let your feelings confirm the results that the product has produced on the ground but don’t let emotions lead you into buying a bogus green product.

  • Third party certifications

Don’t just look for the ingredient list. Make sure that the product has third part certifications that verify and confirm the claims of these products. This will keep you safe from empty claims and fake stickers imposed on packages.

  1. How to Choose a Cleaning Company

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. Maintaining a clean home and office environment is not just a plus to your hygiene value, but your aesthetic value as well. The role of cleaning is therefore so important that it has led to the rise of a whole cleaning industry that is responsible for offering professional services to homes and businesses as well.

As a result of this, there are many cleaning companies such as MaidSavvy in the market place that are dedicated to this cause so that you are not just next to godliness, but also to good environmental hygiene and beauty. That is why this article is committed to empower you with the necessary know-how that will enable you select a reliable and competent cleaning company for your home and business out of the many cleaning companies for all your cleaning needs at home and at your business premise.

03 Dec

Signs your Roof needs Restoration

Isgiad RoofingYou can always tell the signs when something needs replacing, whether its clothes, smartphone, car etc. The same applies to your roof of your home, however, the signs that it needs replacement may not be obvious except if the roof collapses or is brought down by fire or a tree. The long-term solution is not to change a few shingles. So according to Owen Enterprises roofing in Plainfield the following are the signs that your roof needs restoration:

  • Old Roof

If it over two decades old then your roof has probably seen better days and it would be a good idea to have it inspected and probably replaced. The roof is probably way past the warranty.

  • It appears deteriorated from a distance

Your roof contributes significantly to the curb appeal of your home. Therefore, you can tell how seriously dilapidated your roof is by checking it out from across the street. Carefully look out for excess streaking on the shingles and other damaged areas particularly around vents and chimneys.

  • Worn Out Shingles

Apart from the appearance, an expert examination of the roof’s shingles can determine whether they need replacing. Shingles that appear somewhat darker, bent or curled and wet should be replaced. Check out also for broken and missing shingles.

  • Falling Granules

You will start noticing some granules all over your gutters and yard as a result of shingles breaking off. The granules will resemble coarse sand but dark in color. The moment you notice these granules you must be aware that your roof needs attention.

  • Blistering Paint and Staining

When roof begins to leak, the water can cause staining on the inside walls and paint blistering on the outside roofline as well.

  • Dilapidated Deck

Examining the roofing deck can reveal serious weaknesses. A roof is held up by supporting beams that make up the deck. If the beams appear like they are sagging or degenerating as a result of moisture then it is time to replace the deck.

  • Water in the Attic

The presence of water in the attic as a result of rain or melting of snow is evidence that you roof is leaking. Apart from water, another sign is leaking light in the attic which means your roof needs restoration.

  • Increased Energy Bills

Your roof is an important part of your home insulation. If there are problems with your roof then you will notice an increase in energy bills because your heating systems or air conditioners will be working extra hard to maintain the optimum temperatures in the home.

Roof restoration is an affordable way to make your roof more durable compared to roof replacement. If done right by an experienced and professional contractor your roof could become as good as new. Don’t delay the roof restoration because the damage could get worse and costly.

29 Oct

Installing Wood Floors

All about installing Wood Floors

Wood floors have an amazing look and feel that we all love. If you are making plans to install new wood floors or looking for information on how to maintain and care for wood floors then you have landed on the right page. We will find out the different kinds of wood flooring available today, provide a complete guide on how to install wood floors, and lastly care and maintenance of wood floors for longevity.

No other flooring option compares to the natural warmth that wood offers. Wood floors come in different varieties from the bright and modern appearance of maple and birch to the deep rich tones of walnut and oak. Wood floors are the most preferred flooring option for most homeowners because of their exceptional quality of wood.

There are a variety of wood species that are used for flooring and they have their own upsides and downsides. You will find a wide range of wood flooring applications for almost each and every room of the house.

What should I consider when buying wood flooring?

When it comes to selecting which wood flooring to buy you need to enlighten yourself on the characteristics of several wood species and their suitability for each function. For instance, the most informed selection for a living room with dense traffic will be varied from that for a seldom used room for guests. On the other hand, if your decision on wood flooring is influenced by environmental conservation needs then you should consider options such as reclaimed wood flooring. Bamboo flooring etc.

Wood Floor Repair

Depending on the level of foot traffic, a wood floor is prone to damage from scratches, dents to gouges due to the nature of wood. Less serious surface damage can be handled using gentle sanding and re-applying of finish. However, more severe damage may demand replacement of floor segments.

Simple periodic vacuum cleaning and wet mopping is essential when caring for wood floors and is not laborious at all. Based on the wood you select, find out from your dealer concerning the correct finish, the right time to reapply it and its most suitable cleaning agents. Find out more on how to repair squeaky floors.

Wood Floor Installation

Installing wood floors requires some level of skills especially if you intend to do it yourself. Apart from moderate skills it is critical to prepare and pay much attention to the details. If you want to make wood floor installation a DIY task then you will first have to consider the kind of subflooring it is going to have. There are two kinds of subfloors the concrete slab and a wood-framed subfloor. The method of installation is different for both of them.

The following thing to consider is the wood flooring. Before wood flooring is installed it must acclimatize to the condition of the room in-terms of humidity and temperature. Therefore after unwrapping the wood floors allow them to rest in the room for a few days. This will prevent buckling, twisting, warping along the way and therefore the wood must get ample time.

21 Oct

Should I stay or Move During the House Remodel?

Should I Stay or Move During the House Remodeling?

Living in a RenovationDuring major or minor home remodeling homeowners are usually uncertain whether to stay through the renovation construction or to gather their belongings and move out until the job is done. Well, the decision will be based on a few factors such the level of remodeling and other factors as outlined below:


Renting a place for a while will cost money, however staying during the construction could cost money as well especially when you come in the way of the construction work. If you decide to stay, certain contractors will charge extra to keep the house habitable by cleaning up and hurrying construction so as not to interfere with electricity and water supply. As well as putting up with your constant interruptions of ongoing construction.

Project Nature

The decision whether to stay or not may be determined by the nature of the project. If you are bringing down your roof to construct second floor then it would be best you move out. Other renovations that affect plumbing or electricity such as air conditioning or home insulation may require that you move out for a while.

Project Scope

Construction work that affects important sections of your house such as kitchen and bathrooms will make it difficult for you to stay. Your family could face a difficult time doing without a bathroom for instance. Stay in one room with your family will not be conducive.

Safety of your Pets

Having pets around during construction is not safe and it is therefore recommended to move your pets out until the renovations are completed. The noise from the construction can be disturbing for pets even when they are isolated from the construction area. Most contractors will not be liable for the safety of your pets.


The ongoing construction work will captivate children who will constantly engage construction workers to satisfy their curiosity. Babies will need their nap and will all the noise from the construction you will be forced to rent a place for the period of the construction.

Food Preparation

If you decide during your kitchen remodeling then you can get by with a makeshift kitchen. If you can still get electricity and water supply then you cook your food and freeze it for later. Can use other things like your microwave and toaster. However, this is possible only if the construction is going to take a short while. Eating frozen food for months can be challenging.

Some renovations require that you vacate the house for a while. Floor refinishing, for instance, will require that you leave for a few days to allow the fumes to clear away. If you plan to undertake a major remodel then get in touch with a local removals company to move your stuff to a rental for a while and bring them back when the construction is complete.

07 Oct

5 Tips for Planning Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

5 Tips for Planning Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

One of the best ways to upgrade, beautify, and increase your home value is to remodel the bathroom. However, it is easy to get frustrated, stuck mid project, or even run out of money set aside for the remodel if you don’t plan ahead.

Here are 5 tips to make sure your dream remodel does not turn into a bathroom nightmare.

Plan, and Stick to It

Before you begin, you should take the time to create a plan for exactly what you want the end result to look like in your new bathroom.

Research home improvement ideas, and know what style, fixtures, and designs you want. And know what they all will cost. Doing this extra step before you start will also help you understand what things you can save money on by doing yourself, and where you’ll need the help of a professional contractor.

If you don’t know what you’re seeking to accomplish, you’ll end up spending more time and money on the project than you intended. Make a plan, and stick to it.

Know the Lay of the Land

By understanding where things such as the plumbing pipes feed into your bathroom as it is currently, you can do your best to plan your new bathroom layout in a way that will not require new construction or demolition of anything standing already.

Design with Light in Mind

There’s much to think about when redoing the bathroom in your home, and as you’re figuring out which fixtures and features to change, implement, or resurface-keep light in mind. You’ll want to select fixtures that work well in the design, as well as bulbs that are well suited for your grooming needs.

Don’t Forget to Vent

As you’re planning out all the beautiful features of your new bathroom, don’t forget about ventilation. The bathroom is a place in the home that generates a lot of heat and moisture, so it’s important that air can circulate to keep things dry, cool, sanitary, and safe.

Consider Storage Needs

With all the necessities that reside in the bathroom such as the sink, bathtub, and toilet it’s easy to forget about storage. Be sure to think about how much space you’ll need to store towels, toiletries and other items and bring in cabinet space to accommodate your life and needs.

It might not seem like there’s enough space in the bathroom to include storage, but think in terms of cabinets and shelfs that take storage vertical. Having shelving that is moveable is also desirable so you can place it exactly where you need it, and it fits best without having to actually build it as a permanent feature of the room.

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to stink. By planning ahead using these tips, you can be sure to finish up your project with beautiful results, and minimize frustration, delays, and lost time and money.

19 Jun

Basement Insulation

Most people abandon their basements basement-insulation-leaving them to be cold, dark, damp and scary places. Basements suffer from a lot of flooding both as a result of rain and melting snow. The water from porous concrete blocks all drains into the basement making it wet and full of mold.

Basement insulation begins first with the sealing of the concrete floor to prevent water from draining into the basement. Through the installation of water extensive water gutters, the water can be directed far away from the foundation. Pools of water that collect after heavy rains can drain into the basement. Therefore, it is important to get rid of such puddles of water by laying down stones or dirt to ensure water flows away from the foundation.

Once you succeed in controlling the water outside the foundation then now you can move in and seal the basement walls from the inside. Waterproofing materials such as UGL DryLok will come in handy in brushing up the walls. The concrete pores will be filled as the DryLok dries and expands completely waterproofing the wall surfaces from water and moisture.

Selecting the best type of basement insulation
Controlling the flow of water can be a huge challenge if you do not select the most appropriate insulation material. Moisture control in the basement is very critical and you must plan for it. The choice of basement insulation materials will play a vital role in the moisture content management within the basement. You must choose insulation materials that can handle a considerable amount of dampness.

Foam Board Insulation is ideal for basements with the ability to handle high levels of moisture.Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) boards being semi-permeable allow the passage of moisture which prevents moisture build up on the wall and floors. The XPS boards are strong and durable for every inch.

You can either screw or glue the basement foam board to the foundation floor or walls directly. The seams in the middle of the foam insulation boards must be sealed using durable tapes. The gaps resulting from electrical and plumbing works must be sealed with spray foam to keep them airtight. The same insulation must be applied to the top and bottom of the wall. This airtight insulation all across the basement walls will regulate the moisture effectively.Check out the most affordable basement insulation at: Here

Rim Joists and Sill Plates Insulation
The sill plate and rim joist lie on the foundation wall and allow moisture into the basement through cracks and gaps, therefore the area has to be properly sealed. The rim joist is normally insulated using fiberglass however, fiberglass glass is not very effective at preventing moisture from seeping in. Instead use firm foam boards to insulate the rim joist by cutting an exact fit. Seal off completely using spray foam and finish off by running a professional bead along the foundation wall and the sill plate.
Take care of the plumbing, electrical wires, and heating ducts by using spray foam to cover them effectively.

Basement Finishing
You must take caution and cover the flammable foam board insulation with a fireproof barrier such as drywall. Framing a wall against the foam board is the right method of covering the insulation. It will also provide enough space for installing electrical cables and switches for lights. For basements in severe cold weather use fiberglass to fill up the wall cavities. Proceed with drywalling and complete the basement remodeling.
Check out this video on concrete insulation system at: Here

12 Jun

The health effects of inhaling drywall dust

Drywall is utilized in home buildingthe-pros-and-cons-of-using-an-asbestos-testing-kit projects or home remodeling or improvement. During wall construction, the workers protect themselves from exposure to drywall dust by wearing masks. However, they are not fully protected from the effects of the drywall dust. The drywall dust continues to hang in the air and furnaces even after the project has been completed. This can lead to serious and even fatal health conditions to those around. In case you are concerned about any lingering drywall dust at home you need to open all the ventilation and move out of the house for a while. In case, you still have doubts then you need to hire professional cleaning services to clean any remaining drywall dust particles.

Serious Discomfort

Inhaling drywall dust can lead to terrible and instant discomfort. When you breath in the dust it can lead serious irritation of the nostrils, throat or lungs or other chronic conditions. Depending on the level of exposure to the drywall dust  someone could even choke from the dust. If anyone suffers from choking or coughing as a result of inhaling the drywall dust, they need to be moved outside to breath some fresh air. In case the irritation does not subside then the victim must see a doctor immediately for a thorough checkup.


According to research the drywall dust has been found to contain hazardous compounds such as crystalline silica. During drywalling these compounds get released into the air. When you breath in these compounds and they get to your lungs you could a condition known as silicosis where the lung tissues scar and form nodules. You end up having difficulty breathing and you could die as a result of lung disease or tuberculosis. These symptoms could be evident after a couple of weeks or a decade later.

Chronic Ailments

Besides suffering from silicosis, there are serious chronic conditions that could come up as a result of the exposure to drywall dust. The compound crystalline silica has been found to be carcinogenic. Other chronic conditions include scleroderma, lupus erythematosus, kidney diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. Exposure to crystalline silica makes you vulnerable to tuberculosis as well as kidney and renal diseases.
Home improvement projects that involve cleaning up drywall dust can be difficult and risky. In case you want to avoid the exposure to such dangerous compounds then you must hire professional house cleaning services to rid the house of drywall dust. Some cleaning services such as this Phoenix AZ house cleaning company, that actually has locations across the United States, offer specific services based around cleanup after renovations.
If you have been exposed to drywall dust in the past you need to see a physician, find out if you have underlying symptoms that are yet to be discovered.

02 Jun

Home Improvement – Flooring

Beautiful flooring is something thathardwood-flooring leaves a mark on everyone. We never forget the flooring in a room especially when we are house hunting. You still remember the flooring in your grandparents house. When you are undertaking any house improvement project the choice of flooring is very important in determining the quality of the look and feel of the home.

The mood of the whole room will be set by the floor decoration. Think about an old fashioned living room having stone quarry tiles that are solid black in color. Both wood and stone offer exceptional color and contrast that not only brings out practical simplicity but also exceptional design and beauty. A smooth polished floor finishing provides a serene mood. Wood flooring augurs well with furniture providing a classic blend of colors and a warm feeling of comfort.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you want to carry out any floor remodeling:

What is the function of the room?
The choice of the floor must match the function that was intended for the room. For instance wood flooring would not be appropriate for bathrooms even though wood is naturally warm and beautiful.  Floor carpeting is great for the bedroom but totally not practical for your kitchen floor.

What is the desired mood for the room?
The mood and tone of the room are highly dependent on the flooring material selected. If you are looking for a softened ambiance then you need to use natural materials for your flooring remodeling. Smooth kitchen floors with vibrant colors give the kitchen a warm feeling. The choice of the flooring material will enhance all the kinds of home decoration.

Care and Maintenance
Before you select any flooring style or design you must take into consideration the level of care and maintenance required for each floor type. This will depend on the kind of lifestyle you have. If you live a busy life you may not have the time to care for a delicate floor. Floor waxing needs a lot of time and may require a lot of work. If you think you cannot manage that sort of care and maintenance for the floor then you should select a floor type that requires less maintenance like stone tiles or pre-sealed wood floors. You will find the acrylic floor tiles are also perfect for a busy lifestyle.
Floor materials are available in thousands of combinations, colors, and designs. With all the options available selecting best for your home should be an easy task. It is important to select flooring materials that you will still fall in love with decades later. Therefore, you should carry out your own research on the physically check out as many flooring styles as you can.

What kind of floor design are looking for? Share your thoughts with us and we will offer amazing tips for you!