12 Jun

The health effects of inhaling drywall dust

Drywall is utilized in home buildingthe-pros-and-cons-of-using-an-asbestos-testing-kit projects or home remodeling or improvement. During wall construction, the workers protect themselves from exposure to drywall dust by wearing masks. However, they are not fully protected from the effects of the drywall dust. The drywall dust continues to hang in the air and furnaces even after the project has been completed. This can lead to serious and even fatal health conditions to those around. In case you are concerned about any lingering drywall dust at home you need to open all the ventilation and move out of the house for a while. In case, you still have doubts then you need to hire professional cleaning services to clean any remaining drywall dust particles.

Serious Discomfort

Inhaling drywall dust can lead to terrible and instant discomfort. When you breath in the dust it can lead serious irritation of the nostrils, throat or lungs or other chronic conditions. Depending on the level of exposure to the drywall dust  someone could even choke from the dust. If anyone suffers from choking or coughing as a result of inhaling the drywall dust, they need to be moved outside to breath some fresh air. In case the irritation does not subside then the victim must see a doctor immediately for a thorough checkup.


According to research the drywall dust has been found to contain hazardous compounds such as crystalline silica. During drywalling these compounds get released into the air. When you breath in these compounds and they get to your lungs you could a condition known as silicosis where the lung tissues scar and form nodules. You end up having difficulty breathing and you could die as a result of lung disease or tuberculosis. These symptoms could be evident after a couple of weeks or a decade later.

Chronic Ailments

Besides suffering from silicosis, there are serious chronic conditions that could come up as a result of the exposure to drywall dust. The compound crystalline silica has been found to be carcinogenic. Other chronic conditions include scleroderma, lupus erythematosus, kidney diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. Exposure to crystalline silica makes you vulnerable to tuberculosis as well as kidney and renal diseases.
Home improvement projects that involve cleaning up drywall dust can be difficult and risky. In case you want to avoid the exposure to such dangerous compounds then you must hire professional house cleaning services to rid the house of drywall dust. Some cleaning services such as this Phoenix AZ house cleaning company, that actually has locations across the United States, offer specific services based around cleanup after renovations.
If you have been exposed to drywall dust in the past you need to see a physician, find out if you have underlying symptoms that are yet to be discovered.